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October 3, 2013 / AdamWritesPoems

Whether or Not

We all sit down to watch the news,
really an excuse for a cheeky snooze;
through war and politics we quietly nap,
waking up to see the weather map.

Then we listen intently to our TVs:
Is there a heatwave or another big freeze?
Should we take a coat or wear our shorts?
The answers are in the weather reports.

Nothing makes us panic like a bit of snow,
when it’s time for work we can’t go,
the slippery roads giving us a fright
so we stay at home for a snowball fight.

We’re all perplexed when the sun comes out,
our reddening faces shrouded in doubt,
so charcoal is burned and hosepipes are banned,
and bikini-clad girls are on the newspaper-stand.

We only like it when the sky is grey,
with sporadic showers throughout the day.
Anything else and we’re all complaining,
we’re only happy when it’s raining


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