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October 1, 2013 / AdamWritesPoems

Fatherly Badvice

Now that you have started to grow

there are some things I want you to know:

Do the things you think worthwhile,

love the people who make you smile.

Everybody has a story to hear,

individuality is nothing to fear,

so be yourself, be proud,

don’t disappear in the crowd,

and don’t care what the neighbours say,

their opinions don’t matter anyway.

Don’t vote for anyone wearing blue,

who aims to protect the well-to-do.

There’s no shame in ever needing aid

or seeking help when you’re afraid,

so support the people who need a hand,

learn from those that you don’t understand.

Wear a poppy but don’t go to war;

is anything worth killing for?

Trust no one who believes in prayer,

but know you can’t prove there’s no one ‘there’.

Don’t worry about the chores left undone,

don’t ever read ‘The Sun’,

but read the books that keep you late,

leave food you don’t like on your plate,

listen to music, sing every line,

never heed advice, especially mine. 


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