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May 31, 2013 / AdamWritesPoems

Not Wel Not Fare

Unemployed? Skivers? Workshy bums?
Or people let down by Etonian chums?
As they pass ‘back to work’ interviews,
adding to numbers in Job Centre queues,
the unwell are forced to seek a job,
to the glee of the Mail-reading mob
who resent the disabled, needy and meek;
and politicians who can’t live on £50 a week
force the young to work as a pound-shop slave,
whatever happened to ‘Cradle to Grave’?
So people fall through society’s holes,
pushed by Government’s ideological goals,
taxed for bedrooms they can’t afford to heat,
they have to choose which meals to eat,
struggling just to stay alive,
in a society where foodbanks thrive.


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