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February 21, 2012 / AdamWritesPoems

Labour of Love

It was just after four when I was awoken,

twenty four hours after waters had broken,

but hospital tests showed she wasn’t dilating

so the next fifteen hours were spent nervously waiting

as fingers and medicines were put inside,

removing all trace of her dignity and pride.

Painful contractions were started by a drip in her hand

so she chose an epidural which hadn’t been planned

and her face contorted with dread and fear

as the anaesthetist’s needle came near.

The midwife took notes but didn’t let us look

and we passed the time with puzzles in a crossword book

until the doctor came in with something shocking to say,

sending us for a Caesarean in the operating bay.

Under local anaesthetic she still felt the knife

so I had to leave my unborn baby and wife.

In a waiting room, alone in the dark,

watching the sun rise over an empty car park,

I paced and I stared for what felt like hours,

useless with nothing helpful in my powers,

then in came a nurse saying “Hello Dad”

and took me to meet the baby we’d had,

a mass of white blankets and a tiny head

“but she’s had a problem breathing” a doctor said.

I didn’t know if I could hold her so touched her cheek,

I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t speak.

I couldn’t be with mum or baby, they’d tell me when

so I was sent off on my own again

and relieved, anxious, happy and alone

I locked myself in the toilets to cry on my own.

Only when they let me be at my wife’s side

did I know for certain that she hadn’t died.

A tube in her nose and in obvious pain

she didn’t know about the baby so I tried to explain,

and when we were worried our daughter might feel ignored

I was allowed to go and visit her ward.

She had different blankets and a white woolly hat,

I introduced myself and we had a short chat

as the nurse helped me lift her from the small plastic bed,

holding her bum and supporting her head.

There were little white spots on her tiny nose

and she wouldn’t smile for the camera when asked to pose

but all being well she’d be with us later that day

and after a few more tests we knew she’d be OK.



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  1. Dan Q / Feb 28 2012 3:59 pm

    [sniff] Aww.


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